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Songs About San Francisco

San Francisco is an eclectic city. Proof of this concept is the breadth of differnt songs written about it. How can writing about the same thing spur such diverse output? In no particular order here are four songs about San Francisco. Lights - Journey...

The Shining and the Function of Dreams

I recently watched the documentary Room 237 which explores different interpretations of the 1980 movie the Shining. As you might suspect from a movie as cryptically coded as Kubrick’s, there are a lot of interpretations some more credible than others. What’s clear...

For Curated Learning

In the past month I’ve experimented more with different kinds of teaching formats and curriculum. I also attended the 140 conference on Education where K-12 learning styles were discussed in the context of social media. I’m increasingly convinced that there’s a...

Gadget Posturing

Social media is abuzz with how Microsoft is (again) derivative and playing the copy cat and how much “cooler” Apple is. In all of this posturing and finger pointing a few familiar photos kept cropping up and it’s sparked a revelation from my Apple days. In Steve’s...

Two Initiatives

I got two important things going on right now that I want to share. One is that my Kickstarter Website Bootcamp Adventure Comic is almost at an end. If you want to learn how to build a website in a fun and entertaining way check out this project. The other is Reboot...

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