I'm a Speaker

I have given talks here:


Campus by Google

Amazon Web Services Loft

Apple Inc NYC

Wharton Business School

I'm an Entrepreneur

I founded these companies

WordPress-focused Website design and development. Human-centered design, consulting, and training.

reboot labs

Learning to code while making a social impact, corporate training + coding for marketing and product managers

Here are my blog posts:

Minimalists Revolt: Cal Newport on Saving our Digital Discourse

Last Monday I entered a wide corporate lobby with marbled floors and an imposing security desk. In midtown Manhattan on the second floor lies a kind of open floor plan tech campus home of Company. The backdrop of the event's stage were gilded age windows dramatically...

Interview with Molly Sonsteng Tapping into deep work and removing distractions while living a creative life

http://traffic.libsyn.com/natecooper/Molly_Sonsteng_v1a_-_61918_4.57_PM.mp3 In this episode of Cut Your Learning Curve I interviewed Molly Sonsteng. Listen to the episode her or subscribe on iTunes. Molly is a producer, project manager, and entrepreneur dedicated to...

The Edge of Tomorrow: Streaks, Failure & Learning How to Learn with Juvoni Beckford

In this episode of Cut Your Learning Curve, I speak with my friend Juvoni Beckford. Juvoni grew up in the Bronx. At a young age, Juvoni recognized the patterns that kept people from in his environment from reaching their full potential. Through a lot of hard work and...

Imposter Syndrome and Removing the Roadblocks

"Writing is a dreadful labor, yet not so dreadful as Idleness." Thomas Carlyle I think about this quote a lot when I sit down to write. Or rather sometimes when I don't. It's because I struggle with what might be called writers block but is really just a special form...

Technomindfulness: The Art of Silence (Medium)

For the past several weeks I have been conducting an experiment on the relationship between myself and my phone. It is not a new device or anything super fancy. (It’s an iPhone 8 I believe). Each day, I prep my phone to manage how I want it to interrupt my day. I do...

Cut Your Learning Curve: Is Learning Problem Solving?

New Podcast! Cut Your Learning Curve: Hack Your Brain to Learn Skills, Increase Your Potential, and Get The Life You Want Available today! Subscribe now on iTunes or Google Play Is Learning Problem Solving? Over the past 7 years as I've been teaching people how to...
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