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Excuses Excuses Excuses (no pics)

Sorry for the lack of updates to my travelblog recently. Its not for lack of content.. I’ve hit a road block with my picture uploading strategy in that I can’t add anymore photosets to flickr until I upgrade to a pro account.. which is not that expensive ($25/year) probably worth it but the thing is that the idea of spending money had gotten me a bit paralyzed since I am finally starting to use my budget..

You see; up to this point I had kind of over budgeted so all the money I was using was not part of what I counted on using. But now I’m actually spending my savings and the idea of spending money without having an income is a bit frightening. It’s probably a good thing since its kind of lit a fire under my ass and I’ve been tapping out my contacts in NYC and I’ve compiled my resume for the DGA app in January. I wrote my letter of intent for that too. The thing is that really that’s what I want to do but realistically I shouldn’t count on getting in since 300 apply and only 6-9 get in. I’m not being a pessimist. I’m just saying I should have a backup plan and considering I won’t even get to apply to the program for four months I need a frontup plan as well.

Oh well. Been hitting my contacts and getting some phone numbers. Actually probably did a lot more than I’m giving myself credit for. Can’t shake the feeling that for some reason I feel completely different. For instance I read about 70 pages in my book (Diary by Chuck Palahniuk) today.. started to get really interesting… still… I never read… its maybe the fact that I have more time but in reality it seems like the fact that things seem fresh up here. I don’t have a rep. I don’t have many friends. I’m free. I just hope that in New York I can keep that feeling for more than a week.

Oh yeah. Check out: http://www.glenbaxter.com/

Sacramento Spin (vids) (pics)

Sacramento was like a whirl-wind. It was probably the least planned part of my whole trip which was alternatly nerve-racking and exciting. Meeting up with a lot of touring bands really put my trip in perspective. First there was the Hardy Harr Show:

The Video doesn’t work but at least you can hear them.

Afterwards I went to Katie’s house in Carmichel and she invited the other bands one was called Brown and Blue from outer LA and the other was an Olympia band of which I never caught the name. You might imagine that if you get a couple of bands together in one room with a couple of bottles of wiskey you’ll get some sort of jam session…

Here’s a video of that… I had to artificially boost the luminance and that gave it flicker and grain but unlike the Hardy Harr video you can actually see something.

The next day I worked out a deal to go to lunch with one of my best friends from back in the day Jenn… then after lunch her husband and she brought me to the train station. It was nice… got to see a little of Old Sacramento.. a little touristy but it had good crowds and was nice along the water. Fat City is a little pricey for the area but not over all.. got a Portabella Mushroom sandwich for $7.00. Then I hopped on the train and was on my way to Davis before travelling on up to Seattle.

Click here to see photos from my Sacramento travels.

Thoughts from Seattle

This past week has been one of the busiest of the past five years. I pretty much spent a different day in a different city each day last week. Hence my not updating my blog recently. To give you an idea here’s where I’ve been:

Monday: Los Angeles, San Jose
Tuesday: Santa Cruz, San Jose
Wednesday: San Francisco
Thursday: San Jose, Stockton
Friday: Stockton, Sacramento
Saturday: Sacramento, Davis
Sunday: On the train from Davis to Seattle
Monday: Seattle

I’m now sitting in the beautiful Seattle library relaxing and trying to get my photos up on the web. I’m pretty behind on this whole blogging thing. Just think in less than a week I’ll be in New York. I’m filled with nervousness and excitement. I really wish I had a job I was going to.. though on the other hand having some free time in New York will be nice. I just know I’m going to be happier when I can feel a little settled. That doesn’t seem like it will happen anytime soon but really its not up to me.

I just know where I’m staying for my first two weeks in New York after that the whole future just seems like an empty void. Its nice in a way. I feel like I can shape things to my liking. The possibilities are endless. I just hope I don’t run out of money before then. :/

San Francisco Pictures (pics)

View my pics from my visit to SF on Flickr.

A Santa Cruz Stopover (pics) (vids)

I had been considering visiting Santa Cruz since I needed to talk to Peter and I was happy to hear that Nick was planning on visiting UCSC directly the very next day after I arrived in San Jose. The supposed one hour meeting turned into a day of Touring the town… mostly to see the people.

I got a chance to see former housemates, friends, eat at Sabieng and attend a jazz jam at the crepe place. Instead of returning back to San Jose at 12PM as expected we didn’t return until about 1 AM.

Here’s some pics and vids: (more…)

Railways (vids)

The train from Los Angeles to San Jose was delayed 3 full hours by the time we arrived. The worst part of the delay was standing in line at Union Station in Los Angeles for two hours. No announcements, no place to sit, no idea of when it might end. Just waiting and waiting and waiting.

Here’s some videos from the train: (more…)

Last Days of LA (pics)

I visited Jade in Los Angeles. She has a beautiful apartment in an area of LA that others find dangerous but I find homey and wonderful. Though watch out for the cockroaches!

Jade took me to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary which is famous for its list of celebrities buried there. Here’s Mel Blanc who did the voice of Bugs Bunny as well as a number of other WB creatures.

Mike lives right behind the Hollywood and Highland complex which is essentially an outdoor mall right in the heart of Hollywood kind of akin to Times Square including being the center of a theater district.

Mike riding an “excercise pony” in Brookstone in Hollywood and Highland.. This supposedly works your abs.

Hollywood and Highland is essentially built around the Grauman’s Chinese theater which is famous for its concrete imprints of celebrities.

There’s this place in Hollywood that serves the biggest slices of pizza I’ve ever seen… I like to go there when I’m in Hollywood. Though what I’ve discovered on this last trip is that the pizza doesn’t taste that great really.

My last day in Long Beach my sister and I had margeritas from El Torito.

Remnants of LA (pics) (vids)

O.K. No more bitching and whining. Got Photoshop again. Figured out a way for dealing with pics on the blog etc. Still I’m pretty backlogged on my uploads :/

I now have both a Flickr account and a YouTube account. Check them out.

Here is some of the photos you’ve been missing from my LA trip:

Mexican wrestling masks from Olivera Street Downtown LA. Olivera is the historic center of Los Angeles. Its located right accross the street from Union Station.

There are all kinds of things for sale on Olivera street. It has some of the best bustling street life in Los Angeles though it is a very touristy area. It’s half CityWalk and half Broadway near the grand central market.

There seemed to be a number of candle shops on Olivera.

I had a taco at Mr. Churro, unfortunately, not a churro. 🙁

One of the chotkes for sale on Olivera Street…

The new Cathedral in Downtown LA looks like a fortress from the outside but is very calm and cool on the inside.The light comes in through the stones that act as windows giving a soft glow over the whole church.

These tapestries are probably the best known features of the cathedral. They look like photo-realistic oil paintings but are actually woven yarn.

The light coming in through the stone “windows”.

Coming soon: My last day in LA, the train from Los Angeles to San Jose, Santa Cruz and more San Francisco as well as Desktop pictures.

In San Jose Sans Photoshop

My main excuse for not updating my travelblog recently has been the lack of Photoshop, which I should be getting soon, but also I’ve been a bit lazy in general not in the mood for finding a “wifi hotspot”.

I’m in the South Bay visiting Nick and I actually popped into Santa Cruz briefly to visit my old job and my old house. It was a weird feeling. Nick described it best when he said it feels like you are “trespassing”. Still the weather is amazing! Such a good time of year to be in Santa Cruz…

The train from Los Angeles was delayed 3 hours. I didn’t so much mind the delays once we were on the train but the first 1.5 hour delay came while we were standing in line at Union Station. I don’t know if there’s anything more painful than standing up in one place in a line waiting for over two hours… LAME!

On the train I sat next to Bert Bollinger (he’s the guy on the right in the hat). He told me I could find his picture on “The Google” cause it “Scoops up all kinds of stuff and gets put in there.” He was a friendly chap but he didn’t bring a book or anything with him so he seemed reliant on just talking to pass the time. I like taking the train because it is a more social experience but for some reason I wasn’t really in the mood for much conversation and even when I am its usually parsed out not all together hour after hour on the train.

Still we talked about Hitchcock films and rare cars and old pasadena (where he lives) it was the kind of conversation you would expect to have on a train. By the end I had called my friend (and apartment replacement) Dave to ask about where Bert’s hotel might be in Monterey because I was worried about the guy.

Nick picked me up in SJ 3 hours late and we went and got In N Out. I have more to say and share but it is in my camera and I need to get photoshop to clean up the images anyway so stay posted.

LA Exile Part 1 Union Station (pics)

It’s both strange and relaxing here. I haven’t done anything but on the other hand this is exactly what I wanted to do the past couple weeks but just felt too stressed to do in Stockton or Santa Cruz. I’m somewhat in survival mode since I’m conscious of not wanting to spend more money and wary of trying to find a job (not to mention a place) in NY… Still its funny to me that I thought I had all these friends in LA and so far aside from Shawn none of them have been in touch with me. It’s probably my fault. They are all working I’m sure.

But what it boils down to is a feeling of exile in a sense. I’ve retreated to the castle of my sister’s flat in Long Beach which she and her boyfriend have graciously shared. At the same time I feel relaxed I feel a bit disconnected… lacking in stimulation and feeling a bit lazy since the majority of my time here is filled with just watching TV.

The other day I had reason to branch out and go to downtown LA. (more…)

Train Delays

Delays on the Coast Starlight

I’m scheduled to take this train twice in the next two weeks… once between LA and SJ and once between Sac and Seattle … Then they called me today and said there may be delays. I’m not sure if them calling me is a response to this article or just a reinforcement of the problem… :/

The call was pretty weird anyway … I mean I bought the ticket… all they told me was “there’s nothing we can do…” so what can I do? Dunno.

Long Beach (pics)

After a week or so in Stockton I’m down in sunny LA.. though it was mostly foggy this morning. Feeling pretty productive actually. I went to a coffee shop on Second Street and found a free wireless hub. Spend the morning looking up jobs in New York and sending in my Resume.

Definitely more settling now. We’ll see if anything pans out. I contacted my former union which represents technical employees and has a local in New York. I wonder if they’ll help me in any regards towards finding a job in New York.

On the upside I found out that a lot of people are actually going to be in New York relatively soon. I was a bit nervous about leaving up until recently because realistically I don’t know a lot of people there but its one of those things where people just come out of the woodwork here and there. Oddly enough now that I’m in LA it doesn’t seem like anyone’s around.

I thought I would spend time here with all the people who have been saying “call me when you’re in LA”. Now they are either not in LA or they aren’t returning my calls. Oh well. This gives me more time to relax. The last week, despite being in Stockton, was quite busy. Went to SF twice and San Jose once. Bizarrely enough I was starting to feel settled in there not that I was doing all that much but paradoxically I didn’t feel like I had much alone time. Now I’m just sitting alone at my sisters apartment looking for a whole week of this since her boyfriend and her both work during the week.

Oh well gives me more time to plan out New York and relax. Luckily I brought a box of Ramen which should sustain me for a while and bide me more money to save for New York.

Pics from Stockton: