Sacramento was like a whirl-wind. It was probably the least planned part of my whole trip which was alternatly nerve-racking and exciting. Meeting up with a lot of touring bands really put my trip in perspective. First there was the Hardy Harr Show:

The Video doesn’t work but at least you can hear them.

Afterwards I went to Katie’s house in Carmichel and she invited the other bands one was called Brown and Blue from outer LA and the other was an Olympia band of which I never caught the name. You might imagine that if you get a couple of bands together in one room with a couple of bottles of wiskey you’ll get some sort of jam session…

Here’s a video of that… I had to artificially boost the luminance and that gave it flicker and grain but unlike the Hardy Harr video you can actually see something.

The next day I worked out a deal to go to lunch with one of my best friends from back in the day Jenn… then after lunch her husband and she brought me to the train station. It was nice… got to see a little of Old Sacramento.. a little touristy but it had good crowds and was nice along the water. Fat City is a little pricey for the area but not over all.. got a Portabella Mushroom sandwich for $7.00. Then I hopped on the train and was on my way to Davis before travelling on up to Seattle.

Click here to see photos from my Sacramento travels.

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