I had been considering visiting Santa Cruz since I needed to talk to Peter and I was happy to hear that Nick was planning on visiting UCSC directly the very next day after I arrived in San Jose. The supposed one hour meeting turned into a day of Touring the town… mostly to see the people.

I got a chance to see former housemates, friends, eat at Sabieng and attend a jazz jam at the crepe place. Instead of returning back to San Jose at 12PM as expected we didn’t return until about 1 AM.

Here’s some pics and vids:

Peter letting me into Checkout. So weird… having to be let in… I can’t tell you how many times I reached for an omnilock and then it sunk in that I don’t work there anymore.. We’re leaving it in good hands though..

A pair of the hands we are leaving it in… Nick with his new office behind… enjoy it man..

I used to dislike Pergs when I first got to Santa Cruz I felt like there’s no way I could ever fit in there. This past year however its become my second home. I don’t think a visit to Santa Cruz is complete without a coffee and cigarette out on the deck.

Nick and I ended up dalying so much in Santa Cruz that we ended up just stopping by my old apartment. Again… it was weird being locked out of my home just the same as it was weird being locked out of checkout…

Dinner at Tony and Albas.. I was kinda naseous and not feeling really up to a real “tour of town” … it had only been two weeks since I left. Tony and Albas was, as all agreed, a decidedly un-santa-cruzy spot for dinner.

The best I’ve got of seeing Jack… This is his regular gig but a lot of people sat in that night. Great Sax and Guitar… Eric even sat in. I’m learning that I don’t like the way YouTube recompresses stuff… :/

The Crepe Place, Jack’s gig. A lot to think about at that spot. I had been invited to go several times. I went once or twice but that night .. I felt like I saw Santa Cruz as an outsider…

Coming Soon: Last days of SF, another Jam session, Eric and Ted and Justine and Catamari??

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