Sorry for the lack of updates to my travelblog recently. Its not for lack of content.. I’ve hit a road block with my picture uploading strategy in that I can’t add anymore photosets to flickr until I upgrade to a pro account.. which is not that expensive ($25/year) probably worth it but the thing is that the idea of spending money had gotten me a bit paralyzed since I am finally starting to use my budget..

You see; up to this point I had kind of over budgeted so all the money I was using was not part of what I counted on using. But now I’m actually spending my savings and the idea of spending money without having an income is a bit frightening. It’s probably a good thing since its kind of lit a fire under my ass and I’ve been tapping out my contacts in NYC and I’ve compiled my resume for the DGA app in January. I wrote my letter of intent for that too. The thing is that really that’s what I want to do but realistically I shouldn’t count on getting in since 300 apply and only 6-9 get in. I’m not being a pessimist. I’m just saying I should have a backup plan and considering I won’t even get to apply to the program for four months I need a frontup plan as well.

Oh well. Been hitting my contacts and getting some phone numbers. Actually probably did a lot more than I’m giving myself credit for. Can’t shake the feeling that for some reason I feel completely different. For instance I read about 70 pages in my book (Diary by Chuck Palahniuk) today.. started to get really interesting… still… I never read… its maybe the fact that I have more time but in reality it seems like the fact that things seem fresh up here. I don’t have a rep. I don’t have many friends. I’m free. I just hope that in New York I can keep that feeling for more than a week.

Oh yeah. Check out: http://www.glenbaxter.com/

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