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What is a membership site? What is recurring revenue?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a life update. What am I working on? The answer lies above. Just over a year ago I shut down my startup doing in-person training in NYC. When I thought about my next move, I was inspired by my background in education and technology and I wanted to take my experience online.

Let’s face it online education stinks. There are plenty of platforms to develop online coursework. At the same time consultants and coaches are seeing the value in selling recurring revenue streams (think: A monthly membership fee like Netflix) as part of their businesses. I was intrigued by this niche problem. How can we put content together in an engaging way that allows businesses to expand their service offerings and provide additional streams of income? How do you continue to provide value so that clients give a predictable monthly fee for service?

The answer to what Nate’s been working on recently

Enter Member+ where you can turn your knowledge into monthly revenue. Member+ is a complete solution for service providers looking to build recurring revenue streams into their existing business models. We use a customized tech stack and premium support to help coaches, consultants, and business owners to develop a custom product. The goal is to build for our clients a branded and customized platform for delivering your content while collecting monthly revenue from your audience.

We work closely with your team to develop a product that takes out the technical headaches and provides you with a streamlined system for collecting revenue as well and onboarding clients automatically. We are heavily focused on engagement. While online content delivery platforms abound, most are optimized for the one-time sale. They are invested in using you to get users on to their platform. They keep the data on your users and while they track a new sale, they have limited tools to let you optimize for keeping customers engaged. It doesn’t matter to them if you build a course on their platform and no one signs up.

An example of an online course built by a Member+ Client

With Member+ we’re focused on the lifetime value of your clients. We want to make sure that your customers sign up and stay signed up. We do this in a couple of key ways. First we give you access to all the data. Since Member+ is a white-label solution built into your website your users are your users. We don’t take a percentage of sales or force your users to create an account on our system to sign up to get your content. From the users perspective they are signing up for your course not ours.

Secondly we are focused on product development and client engagement. All of our packages include not just a technical solution but training and support so that you can build and launch a course that not only sells but brings your clients coming back for more. Thirdly, we provide an e-commerce solution for recurring revenue. We believe developing an online course is only part of the solution. If you’re a content producer, consultant, or coach you should be focused on building up a sustainable monthly revenue stream for your business.

By working within our system you are ensured you’re on a path not just to a single sale but developing a community and ecosystem around your brand. This is the future of work. Ensure you’re able to turn every sale into a relationship and gain traction on providing a monthly, recurring (read: predicatable) revenue stream to your business.

How to get Member+ to double your revenue and grow your business:

An example of a registration page for a membership portal

Are you a service provider selling contracts to long term engagements of 6-12 months? Many of our Member+ members are in your shoes and have used our system to double or triple their contract rates. How? By bundling the costs of their platform construction into a client contract. Here’s how it works: When preparing a proposal for a client, you presell access to a content library as part of the training or consulting your provide.

For example, let’s say you are offering a contract for consulting to a client at $20k for a 6 month contract. Work with us to develop an option to add ongoing support after the 6 months for an additional $10k. You hand us the content and materials for the support training and we build it out for less than half of that cost. You have now increased your profit on that project and you’ve financed the creation of a training library that you can repurpose for other projects.

Since the content you create is yours to licence you can generate training modules that you can reuse on future client contracts. You could even sell the training modules on their own through a monthly membership service.

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