Check out this interesting article about writing. Excerpt:

“If you think of Groundhog Day — the only whys that are ever explored is the whys behind the individual choices Bill Murray makes during his endlessly repeating day. What you are NOT ever given the why answer to is:

Why did this start? Is it God? Why did he pick Bill Murray? Why this particular Groundhog Day? In other words, Danny Rubin & Harold Ramis do not bog you down in any of the metaphysical questions of how this world came to be or why this is happening to Bill Murray because they know it doesnt matter; what people want to see — what they will enjoy, is seeing what happens next: why Bill Murray makes the choices he does, and eventually, how he comes to see the world differently.”

Couldn’t really agree more. It’s all about the drive in the story-telling, sometimes the details can get distracting. I remember having a conversation with a friend about this and the movie Moon — where basically the philosophy behind the making of that movie was not to alienate the audience by making the sci-fi too obscure or detail oriented.

(via Dead Things ON Sticks)

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