I find myself at a loss whenever confronted with the task of having to define Twitter. It’s one of those things that’s everywhere and nowhere. I am never really shocked when someone knows about it. Nor does it surprise me when I find out a friend from high school tweets every single aspect of their day (e.g. “showering now”).

As hard to define as it is for me, Urban Dictionary seems to be equally– shall we say twitter-pated?

While the first definition on Urban Dictionary seems straightforwardly banal, almost as if it were lifted directly from the Twitter Website. Immediately following are some pretty bizarre and hilarious definitions ala number 2:

urban dictionary definition 2

My personal favorite is Number 7:

“A favorite pillow that lacks definition and firmness. Any pillow that is limp, or has feathers flying out of it.”

I’m curious as to whether these alternative definitions came before the micro-blogging service or after. Taken as commentary they can be a little biting. I know, when I lie in bed for my last tweet of the night, I always think of Twitter as a one of my favorite pillows, though when I awake in the morning, it’s given me a headache.

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