Stumbled upon this photoblog by Adrian Mendoza. Not only are the photos impressively well done (lots of great tilt-shots) but many are taken in and around San Joaquin County, my old hometown.

modesto church

guy sitting outside building

sprawl in San Joaquin

It’s interesting to think how the subject matter he choses; classical musicians from the area, shocking photos of the effects of suburban sprawl on the valley, are not necessarily the most popular or talked about elements of culture in those valley towns. Looking at the photos it makes me think almost as if you have to distort or step outside of the de-facto norm to appreciate the beauty of the area.

They are beautiful and wonderful and a striking contrast to the feeling of actually being there. I can totally appreciate Adrian’s eye and skill to create a beauty out of something that in my mind’s eye is quite ugly. Kudos.

More of Adrian’s photos can be found on his myspace page. (warning: turn down your volume there is a song embedded in the background but the photos are worth it.)

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