This brief post from hrrrthrrr sort of sums up my reaction to my first vote (or first three) on the east coast.

Here’s how voting in Santa Cruz works (at least for my tenure there). You get a little sheet with a tear off on it and a felt tipped marker. You go to a little table with dividers and gently mark a box next to the name. Very clean, simple and unencumbered.

Here in Brooklyn voting was like standing in front of a gigantic mechanical calculator from the 19th century. You actually pull this huge lever to switch from “normal” to “voting” and then you turn little knobs and gears. Each time you switch a lever there is a horrible Cha-chunk sound. Since this took place in a school gymnasium these sounds echoed, adding gravity to the situation as if I was in some medieval torture chamber with my own personal guillotine.

Bizarre but with sufficient benevolence-inducing goodness.

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