Yes yes yes yes!! This article by yahoo news (I know! wow.) enumerates a number of issues I’ve been meaning to gather into a thoughtful, drawn-out post. Basically the public subsidy of cars is destroying any possibility for modern American cities to develop more walkable, transit-friendly neighborhoods.

Even though there is tremendous support for transit and ridership has been improving in most states (especially the west) in the last decade development patterns simply haven’t kept up. Easements on parking requirements definitely make sense especially in neighborhoods well serviced by transit. Rather than hurting property values I believe it will be a boon to development as more and more odd-lots are able to be built upon.

Think of the car issue as a running fountain. Basically the more spots you have in a neighborhood the more cars therefore the greater necessity for streets to pipe them further down the line necessitating vast freeways and on and on. The net result is a loss of usable space, robbed from people and given to traffic.

Don’t just listen to me though. Check out this video:
The City is not a Problem It’s a Solution from urbanplanningblog.com.

Basically all I’m saying is that the city is like a turtle and we don’t want to break his back.

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