If this election year had found me in California and you happened to be within earshot you would already be sick of hearing me talk about this. But as an ex-patriate and defector I find myself just tracking from afar.

In a democracy, however, it is important to spark debate and so it is with great pride that I heft upon you the wonders of the California High Speed Rail Blog.

To get a feel for a typical article this one (in recent memory) serves as a good overview California High Speed Rail Blog: Menlo Park Wants To Decide For California Whether We Have HSR
“Menlo Park in particular also seems interested in ignoring the fundamental reality that they are, and have always been, a railroad city. The tracks that currently carry Caltrain cars have been there since before the city was founded. Caltrain runs nearly 100 trains through Menlo Park and Atherton every day. But city staff and elected officials behave as if that doesnt exist”

Basically this blog’s main purpose is to support and refute criticism over the proposed California High Speed Rail which all you cali-coes should be voting for in November. As a blog it also does a fairly good job at being a sort of watch-dog organization. The above posted article is an example of how the writer is able to criticize and undermine bias in the media coverage of the proposal.

Anyway I believe in deciding things for yourself but if I could influence any votes this year it would be for this project!

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