Heard a podcast discussing the ideas of Christopher Alexander [link] and started digging around for a wikipedia entry. It’s surprising how little there is on this considering his ideas led directly to the development of wikipedia. The most descriptive article (in terms of volume) I’ve been able to find is this article on Pattern language – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Fascinating ideas. As is the idea of QWAN the quality without a name.

Reading these bits and piecing them together I’m aware at how difficult it is for my brain to learn something new. I’ve heard it said when I was a lad that learning just gets more difficult when you’re older and perhaps I’ve just forgotten it for now. Let’s just chalk this up to complex stuff that takes a little exposure before it sets in.

— On a personal note it’s nice to know that Chris Alexander was awarded the first PHD in Architecture from Harvard. One of my former students just started the program.

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