Just saw an interesting episode of the Twilight Zone; The Obsolete Man. Though it’s overtly a commentary on fascism it is all somehow relatable. I see myself in the little librarian played by Burgess Meredith. Not that I’m an avid reader (skipping of course RSS feeds).

There’s something about the way the term “obsolete” is used especially given its modern connotations in relation to technology. The definition used in this episode is more along the lines of someone lacking use value in accordance of the values of the system. I wouldn’t normally call myself “obsolete” but certainly I’ve second guessed how much I serve the system versus how much I reject its standards.

If you’re curious the entire episode is up on youtube. If you have a minute definitely watch the first part of the episode. Fantastic dialogue though somewhat overacted:
Episode 1 [link]
Episode 2 [link]
Episode 3 [link]

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