A really interesting article about gentrification and how to confront it in new and interesting ways: [link] (via BLAST) What strikes me most about the article is this conception of the influx of young, middle-class into the neighborhood as somehow devouring the community in its wake. I live in a highly gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn that has been for at least 5 years. I don’t think that the neighborhood lacks community or culture.

Certainly displacement of low-income residents is an issue but what the article seems to do is set up a false dichotomy between those who bring culture and those who rob it. It begs the question of what the characteristics of a modern neighborhood and community are. Does “culture” — whatever that means — get defined solely by persons of a lower-income level? What is admirable here, however, is the actions of these groups like the SCEG (see the article) who take a pragmatic approach favoring action over debate. Maybe the act itself is what defines the community.

[picture via nytimesbooks.blogspot.com]

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