Finally made it to the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It was like a festival as to be expected, food, music, tents but I was sort of surprised at how wondrous it felt. I floated from area to area running into kimono-clad Brooklynites and Japanophiles. Everyone was taking photos much to my bemusement as I had come for the purpose of photography. Everything was fair game.

The grass was lush and wet and the cherry blossoms hung right in our faces so that it felt like we were in the clouds. The air was dewey and overcast but it never rained. On the Cherry walk, a canopied walkway dripping with blossoms inches above our heads kids ran around and jumped up into the tree branches. When they dropped it was graceful like a dangling leaf that at long last unshackled itself in the fall’s breeze. Spring has not come soon enough. photos

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