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Ultra Orange & Emmauelle, Don’t Kiss Me Goodbye – I fucking love this song right now. So I first heard it in a movie? That’s where I find my best music now adays. Plus I think I’m in love with Emmanuelle Seigner

The Clash, White Riot – Quintessential Clash, raw punk fits in nice with this protopunk bunch. According to Wikipedia its their first single. I remember this song from the trailer Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten. Still have yet to hear the song yet.

Marie Laforet, Paint it Black – Laforet helped popularize Dylan in ‘60s France. I like her guttural rendition of the Stones Classic.

Plastic Bertrand, Ca Plane Pour Moi – I like this part of the Wikipedia page on the song: “The lyrics are full of 1970’s French slang, and are very difficult to translate exactly into English. Even native French speakers disagree on the exact meaning.â€?

Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Blank Generation – It must have been hard to be the follow-up house band to the Ramones while in Television at CBGBs its also a bit weird to think that Hell shared the stage with the Talking Heads. Quite a different sound.

Mulatu Astatqe, Kasalefkut hulu – Ethio-jazz virtually invented by Astatke. Good wine drinking music.

The Kinks, Victoria – The Kinks are sometimes referred to as proto-punk. If there is a lineage to be drawn between the group and punk a decade later then I think this song best exemplifies the sound.

Jaco Pastorius, Kuru/Speak Like a Child – “The greatest bass player who ever livedâ€?

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