I’ve been overly obsessed about RSS feeds recently since, well, they do everything. To be more specific they are the basis from some of the best services out there right now on the internet; Tumblr and Twitter’s "follow" for example. 

New Kid on the block SocialThing is in beta now and seeks to help you rein in your online life by organizing some of these feeds. 

SocialThing attempts to be your one stop conduit for catching up on your various networks. However, the same can be achieved with a little organization on your part. Facebook, for example, provides you with a feed of all of your friend’s status updates.

 1. Simply go to your profile on facebook

2. Click "See All" next to the line with # Friends

3. Copy the location of the RSS feed into your favorite reader


Voila your "socialstream" is just as accessible as any of the news you regularly check on your RSS reader.

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