After two days of hermitage sitting in front of my computer (and probably smelling horribly) I finally reorganized my website! It’s been need of a major overhaul for years now. What sparked this “spring cleaning” was a desire to organize my online life. I found that after years of joining online social-networking and blogging sites it had been difficult for me (let alone anyone I knew) to keep track of all of them.

When I went to add my new contact page to the site it was kind of like wedging 10 clean socks into a dresser drawer that I hadn’t been organized in 5 years!

When I took a stock of what the site had in there it was a mess and I realized that I was going to have to start from the ground up. I began by dismantling the CSS and mapping out the site in pages.

What results is three brand new (or redone) sections of natecooper.net.

Check them out and link to them if you want:
natecooper.net : about
natecooper.net : resume
natecooper.net : contact

I managed to preserve all the existing content while streamlining the CSS and making consistent the interface. That’s nerd talk for everything looks pretty now from the ground up.

Oh yeah.. and not in the least I updated my icon for the site. I now have a representative logo/icon that I like to call the “nate dot”. I added him wherever I could and I hope that you’ll come to associate him with me.

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