I’ve been taking an online class from Berkeley entitled “Phil 7: Existentialism in Literature and Film” (This link was dead but I found a backup on archive.org 5/6/16). It’s all part of iTunes U podcasts.

Mostly I was curious about existentialism as I have at one time or another claimed familiarity with it. What struck me as wonderful luck, however, was that one of the films being discussed in the course is Hiroshima Mon Amour. This has been one of my favorite films for years.

I just finished the discussion of Hiroshima Mon Amour (it is lecture number six) and it was interesting to hear a reading of the film through the eyes of Kierkegaard . I have to say I knew nothing of Kierkegaard before listening to this podcast but having learned a bit, it does seem to map well to Hiroshima Mon Amour. In particular the professor Hubert Dreyfus’ explanation of the Knight of faith and the Knight of resignation and how they relate to the two main characters in the film.

Read about the knight of faith and the knight of resignation on wikipedia.

Can’t wait to get to the discussion of the Third Man as it is a film I know less about.

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