Lou Dobbs’ opinion piece for CNN cuts to the core of what so many of us third party registered voters have been feeling for years. Though shying away from any direct political endorsement his call to vocalize our disenfranchisement is noble.

More voters have been registering independent than ever before. When will the two major parties realize that if neither one represents our interests we will be forced to go elsewhere? The smuggness of the Democrats that assume that all the trouble the Republican party has been going through will automatically turn into more democratic votes is annoying and nauseating. How can a party be so wishy washy and then expect the votes to fall on their plate when the opposition flounders?

In a democracy we should be voting for whomever is best for the job not against whomever is doing worse. Frankly I don’t care if the Republicans don’t loose control of the house since I doubt we’d be any better off with Democrats who twidle their thumbs about issues over free trade while sitting in the pockets of the same corporations as the Republicans

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