This whole spinach ban thing is getting big press in the west… the San Francisco Chronicle and the La Times have had a front page story on it every day since the weekend.

See these recent headlines:
LaTimes Story
SF Gate Article

The New York Times, which didn’t seem to have any front page stories on it all weekend. Despite the fact that this is a nation-wide issue.

See this article buried in the “Health” section:
Ny Times Article

Now granted the New York Times has a larger focus in international news and there are articles of international import but just today this story is plastered on the front page:

NY Times article on Laguna Beach

I don’t really want to criticize any one paper but for days I’ve been thinking that the spinach thing mainly affected the west. And granted, having lived in both the west coast and east coast I can say without a doubt, health issues especially concerning food is going to be defacto a bigger issue in California than in New York. But still if we aren’t supposed to be eating spinach nationwide.. I wish the New York media would let us know that.

The Chronicle and LA Times have been showing pictures of empty store shelves across California. I can’t say I’ve seen the same over here in New York City.

Still I think I’ll avoid the spinach…

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