O.K. No more bitching and whining. Got Photoshop again. Figured out a way for dealing with pics on the blog etc. Still I’m pretty backlogged on my uploads :/

I now have both a Flickr account and a YouTube account. Check them out.

Here is some of the photos you’ve been missing from my LA trip:

Mexican wrestling masks from Olivera Street Downtown LA. Olivera is the historic center of Los Angeles. Its located right accross the street from Union Station.

There are all kinds of things for sale on Olivera street. It has some of the best bustling street life in Los Angeles though it is a very touristy area. It’s half CityWalk and half Broadway near the grand central market.

There seemed to be a number of candle shops on Olivera.

I had a taco at Mr. Churro, unfortunately, not a churro. 🙁

One of the chotkes for sale on Olivera Street…

The new Cathedral in Downtown LA looks like a fortress from the outside but is very calm and cool on the inside.The light comes in through the stones that act as windows giving a soft glow over the whole church.

These tapestries are probably the best known features of the cathedral. They look like photo-realistic oil paintings but are actually woven yarn.

The light coming in through the stone “windows”.

Coming soon: My last day in LA, the train from Los Angeles to San Jose, Santa Cruz and more San Francisco as well as Desktop pictures.

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