After a week or so in Stockton I’m down in sunny LA.. though it was mostly foggy this morning. Feeling pretty productive actually. I went to a coffee shop on Second Street and found a free wireless hub. Spend the morning looking up jobs in New York and sending in my Resume.

Definitely more settling now. We’ll see if anything pans out. I contacted my former union which represents technical employees and has a local in New York. I wonder if they’ll help me in any regards towards finding a job in New York.

On the upside I found out that a lot of people are actually going to be in New York relatively soon. I was a bit nervous about leaving up until recently because realistically I don’t know a lot of people there but its one of those things where people just come out of the woodwork here and there. Oddly enough now that I’m in LA it doesn’t seem like anyone’s around.

I thought I would spend time here with all the people who have been saying “call me when you’re in LA”. Now they are either not in LA or they aren’t returning my calls. Oh well. This gives me more time to relax. The last week, despite being in Stockton, was quite busy. Went to SF twice and San Jose once. Bizarrely enough I was starting to feel settled in there not that I was doing all that much but paradoxically I didn’t feel like I had much alone time. Now I’m just sitting alone at my sisters apartment looking for a whole week of this since her boyfriend and her both work during the week.

Oh well gives me more time to plan out New York and relax. Luckily I brought a box of Ramen which should sustain me for a while and bide me more money to save for New York.

Pics from Stockton:

My mom, sister and me having dinner.

My friend Josh having an intense conversation before we went in to watch a cool horror flick Session 9

Before my mom started to hate Thumper for tearing up her carpet and scratching her furniture, we actually had some fun together… She smeared whipped cream on his nose and he didn’t like it much.

My mom and I having coffee in San Francisco at one of my favorite pastry shops in North Beach. Notice the uncovered pastries in the window… my mom will never visit this coffee shop again.. decidedly she could never visit Europe either…

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