It’s both strange and relaxing here. I haven’t done anything but on the other hand this is exactly what I wanted to do the past couple weeks but just felt too stressed to do in Stockton or Santa Cruz. I’m somewhat in survival mode since I’m conscious of not wanting to spend more money and wary of trying to find a job (not to mention a place) in NY… Still its funny to me that I thought I had all these friends in LA and so far aside from Shawn none of them have been in touch with me. It’s probably my fault. They are all working I’m sure.

But what it boils down to is a feeling of exile in a sense. I’ve retreated to the castle of my sister’s flat in Long Beach which she and her boyfriend have graciously shared. At the same time I feel relaxed I feel a bit disconnected… lacking in stimulation and feeling a bit lazy since the majority of my time here is filled with just watching TV.

The other day I had reason to branch out and go to downtown LA. My mission was to exchange Amtrak tickets and pick one up. (for my trip to Seattle and my trip to SJ respectively). I decided to do this in the most flamboyant style possible which meant going all the way to Union Station in downtown LA to do these menial tasks. Here’s some pics from my adventures:

Union Station was one of the last great train stations built in the US. It’s high ceilings evoke a feeling of grandeur reminicent of the great train stations of the east yet its Spanish style accents give it a South-Western flare.

Arched windows have been used in train stations since at least the turn of the century. They are meant to echo the triumphal arches that were placed at the entrance to Roman cities. The arch marks a grand entrance into the city.

I love big boards like this.. you find them in a lot of train stations back east (Chicago, Penn Station in New York). It really gives you an idea of how much activity is actually going on in that building and makes you feel like you are at the center of it all. I read in a newspaper after I was in Union Station that the station has more activity than every Southern California — airport excluding LAX– combined. It is the busiest train station outside of the North-East and Chicago… all this in the car-center of the world.. LA…

Coming Next Olivera Street

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