My main excuse for not updating my travelblog recently has been the lack of Photoshop, which I should be getting soon, but also I’ve been a bit lazy in general not in the mood for finding a “wifi hotspot”.

I’m in the South Bay visiting Nick and I actually popped into Santa Cruz briefly to visit my old job and my old house. It was a weird feeling. Nick described it best when he said it feels like you are “trespassing”. Still the weather is amazing! Such a good time of year to be in Santa Cruz…

The train from Los Angeles was delayed 3 hours. I didn’t so much mind the delays once we were on the train but the first 1.5 hour delay came while we were standing in line at Union Station. I don’t know if there’s anything more painful than standing up in one place in a line waiting for over two hours… LAME!

On the train I sat next to Bert Bollinger (he’s the guy on the right in the hat). He told me I could find his picture on “The Google” cause it “Scoops up all kinds of stuff and gets put in there.” He was a friendly chap but he didn’t bring a book or anything with him so he seemed reliant on just talking to pass the time. I like taking the train because it is a more social experience but for some reason I wasn’t really in the mood for much conversation and even when I am its usually parsed out not all together hour after hour on the train.

Still we talked about Hitchcock films and rare cars and old pasadena (where he lives) it was the kind of conversation you would expect to have on a train. By the end I had called my friend (and apartment replacement) Dave to ask about where Bert’s hotel might be in Monterey because I was worried about the guy.

Nick picked me up in SJ 3 hours late and we went and got In N Out. I have more to say and share but it is in my camera and I need to get photoshop to clean up the images anyway so stay posted.

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