I just spent the last four or five hours tweaking http://natecooper.net. There remains things to be tweaked but I’m pleased with what I’ve done so far. Most of it is non-cosmetic and deals more with the underlying code. The trouble for me is that I’m using word press to power my blog and it is written in PHP and I know absolutely no PHP.

This means that even simple tweaking involves a lot of copying and pasting and trolling through the support wiki to find examples and explanations. But the basic structure is pretty well organized. Also I’ve been updating the blog quite a bit so check it out the new content.

The biggest changes are:

The Archive

I also put in a script that rotates the pictures on the main page (yes I stole it from Slugfilm)

and I added a separate section for

Movie Reviews

I’m super proud of the movie review page because it provides a fast and simple way to access all of my reviews and even automatically sorts them alphabetically! It’s pretty cool stuffs. Definitely check it out when you get the chance. Also browse the blog from the last few days. Been posting some weird/interesting stuff.

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