I am new to this country (for seven months) learning to drive is an important thing to note and difficult to learn. I have found these rules to be useful when driving in the bay area. I based these upon my observations having driven here for the past seven months.

Freeways applied to: 280, 580, 680, 880

Rules for freeway driving in the SF Bay Area
1. First pick a speed arbitrarily. Somewhere between 60-75 MPH is acceptable. Merge onto the freeway.
2. Get as far left as you possibly can. The far left lane is known as the “parking lane”. The idea is to always migrate into this lane as much as possible and to go the speed that you chose before getting on the freeway. Do not waver from your chosen speed unless someone tries to pass you.
2. a. If someone tries to pass you by moving into the right lane you must speed up by at least 10 MPH so as to assert the “correct” speed for the parking lane. The space in front of your car is your god-given space and should not be impeded upon by other drivers.
3. If people tail-gate you this is a way of saying “good job! You are going the right speed.” never move over to let them pass. This is highly offensive. You can call the trail of cars behind you your “posse”. They will “have your back” in case one of the other lanes goes faster than you. (which is most likely to happen)
3.a. Ignore all signs which say “slower traffic keep to right”. These are meant to confuse you. The right lanes are for the fastest drivers who like to constantly weave in and out of traffic. Slow and steady is the perfect attitude to have in the parking lane.
4. If you have a trail of 6 cars in your posse please also ensure that you are going the same relative speed as the next one or two lanes to your right. This builds a “wall of protection” against the weavers who only weave because they are crazy and should be punished. (not because they want to go faster)
5. Always make sure that all but the far right lane is filled up with cars going the same relative speed. Anyone wishing to go faster will of course use the far right lane as that is its purpose.

Please drive safely! Following these tips will help ensure you follow the crowd to your best ability and cause the least amount of frustrations and accidents.

COMING SOON! HWY 17 driving directions…

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