The London of ‘Match Point’. Its interesting to think about the space of London. I had such a miserable time when I was there and the town is so confusing in terms of what I expect out of a functioning city.

I’m not familiar with all of the neighborhoods I saw but they alternated between feeling like bits of New York … bits of San Francisco … bits of Santa Cruz. It has that nice quality of neighboorshoods in Santa Cruz where the buildings are quite squat (two or three stories only) but still very well put together. Over-all, however, the impression that was made on me was how un-New York-like the whole town is. I mean it sprawls out like Los Angeles and only sections of it have impressive tall buildings that give you the feelings of being indoors when you are outside.

Its a very victorian city as well. Maybe thats why the Santa Cruz feel. The columns on the porches and the peaked arches. but its like someone chopped the tops off of all the buildings. Its very industrial too. Has the feeling of small towns outside of Chicago with their smell of old oil and the inkling that a smokey, coal-driven train will rumble right down the street next to you.

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