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So what makes this map different from the Rand McNally version you can buy at a bookstore? Or from the dusty National Geographic pull-down mounted in your child’s elementary school classroom? Can one paper wall map really outshine all others—so definitively that it becomes award-worthy?

I’m here to tell you it can. This is a masterful map. And the secret is in its careful attention to design.


What Eisenhower Republicans Had In Common With Occupy Wall Street

As David Leonhardt has recounted kudos to Alex MacGillis for bringing it up this week the senior Romney constantly turned down bonuses and pay raises. Once, he explained that no executive needed to make more than $225,000 a year equivalent to about $1.4 million today so he was refusing $100,000 bonus. Romney was a respectable Republican candidate for President in 1968, meaning that he was no enemy of free enterprise.

(via Big Think)

2012 TED Prize Winner is an Idea, not an individual: The City 2.0 : TreeHugger

Storming the Ivory Tower

A Day in the Diverse Life, Working in the Future

One of my favorite things about my new life as a freelancer is the sheer diversity of things I get to do on a given day. When you work for yourself, the only boundaries you have are those that are self-imposed. To give you a sampling. Today I started off my day (a little late thanks to the MTA) with a meeting about the future of education and this new lifestyle of teaching and working that I’m pioneering with the help of good people like NWCU and Skillshare.

Now I’m sitting down at New Work City, a coworking space where I’m piloting an education program. I’m waiting to meet up with a colleague of mine who is also developing a platform based around education. We’re going to discuss plans for a new event with exciting implications.

Later this afternoon I’ll be meeting with a small startup to discuss helping them out with some WordPress theming. Then I’ll meet with another instructor and finally finish my day by holding a class at New Work City.

So I’m going from education planning and brainstorming, to event planning and brainstorming to tackling code, to mentoring, to teaching all within a day. It’s an exciting lifestyle but it’s also an important strategy. By diversifying I’m able to ensure several streams of income that are staggered. It’s a great way to solve one of the biggest freelancer dilemas: cashflow.

A Cogent Discussion on Health Care Reform

New York City Pillow Fight

Blend up your Election Coverage

This website Baudrillards Blender seems pretty intense though I lack the time to delve into it too deeply. Basically a blender for election coverage specify your criteria and hit your blend mode, you’re rewarded with a news clip from 2008 election coverage.

(via Baudrillard’s Bastard)

Demetri Martin Introduces Religious Conflicts to Rodents

Finally got a chance to see Demetri Martin’s Comedy Central show and have to say I enjoyed. Check out this video from the show:

<a href="http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=218947" target="_blank">Demetri Martin: Power &#8211; Creedocide</a>

When I heard about the show I had doubts as to whether Martin might be able to stretch his material and quirky style of comedy to a full episode but so far so good.

Helen Suzman, Insanely Prolific

Helen Suzman died on Jan. 1st. Didn’t know much about her so decided to read up on wikipedia

“Suzman was awarded 27 honorary doctorates from universities around the world, was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize[5] and received countless other awards from religious and human rights organizations around the world. Queen Elizabeth II made her an honorary Dame Commander Civil Division of the Order of the British Empire in 1989…”

27 honarary doctorates! and essentially knighted. Some times I aspire to high goals but somehow I think no matter how hard I try I’ll never reach her status.

The real bugger is that all of her awards and nominations were completely deserved as well since she was the longest standing anti-apartheid member of the South African parliament even when it was insanely unpopular.

A Nation Divided

6 nations map

BLDGBLOG seems dubious of a WSJ article predicting the dissolution of the U.S. into six fractionalized nations, under foreign influence.

Does this suggest the end of the perfect California burrito?

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