One of my favorite things about my new life as a freelancer is the sheer diversity of things I get to do on a given day. When you work for yourself, the only boundaries you have are those that are self-imposed. To give you a sampling. Today I started off my day (a little late thanks to the MTA) with a meeting about the future of education and this new lifestyle of teaching and working that I’m pioneering with the help of good people like NWCU and Skillshare.

Now I’m sitting down at New Work City, a coworking space where I’m piloting an education program. I’m waiting to meet up with a colleague of mine who is also developing a platform based around education. We’re going to discuss plans for a new event with exciting implications.

Later this afternoon I’ll be meeting with a small startup to discuss helping them out with some WordPress theming. Then I’ll meet with another instructor and finally finish my day by holding a class at New Work City.

So I’m going from education planning and brainstorming, to event planning and brainstorming to tackling code, to mentoring, to teaching all within a day. It’s an exciting lifestyle but it’s also an important strategy. By diversifying I’m able to ensure several streams of income that are staggered. It’s a great way to solve one of the biggest freelancer dilemas: cashflow.

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