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Coffee Mugs


For some reason I’m a big sucker for pictures of coffee. Though tea pictures will suffice.

Espresso for two

Prints on Glass Photos 2 – Bold Breakable Portraits pictures, photos, images

Lyman Orchards CT


Never Before Seen Beatles Pictures

Beatles pics

I didn’t look at all of these. That means there’s still some unseen Beatles photos in existence.

(via Flavorpill)

Is reCaptcha sending us hidden (anti-semetic) messages?

Our most recent positing on Craigslist elicited an odd reCaptcha moment:

out hebrews

To add a bit of context: our posting on craigslist was for a room in our apartment. We were using my girlfriend’s computer. She is jewish. So the “random generation” was all the more to the point and bizarre in it’s hilarity. [The room is still available and open to one of any faith]

Perhaps her computer is just sending her messages in general. Here’s what iPhoto had to say about her:

amanda is wonder woman

Small Art: WebUrbanist

Fucking Hipsters

Wolf and Pig

This video really illustrates the line between a photograph and motion pictures — a line of topical interest to me. There’s a magical wonder that happens with an object in motion. Even with the jerkiness of the low fps our mind wants to believe that there is a relationship and so follows the story frame by frame.

(via Pink Tentacle)

My First Digital Photo

first photo

Kim inspired me to dig through the archive to find the oldest digital photo of myself. This one comes from Christmas Eve 2003 when I would have been 23 (still older than Kim :/ ). I don’t even believe I owned a digital camera at this point so not sure where this came from. Though I still have that shirt and wear it often.

Ahhhh… digital nostalgia.. I like Kottke’s recent musings on it. Also Rocket Boom has a must read for any would be time travelers.

Laptop Decadence

marie antoinette with a macbook pro

Holy god! This picture is so freakin’ amazing!

(via lost.net)

Turd Blossoms

Stumbled upon this photoblog by Adrian Mendoza. Not only are the photos impressively well done (lots of great tilt-shots) but many are taken in and around San Joaquin County, my old hometown.

modesto church

guy sitting outside building

sprawl in San Joaquin

It’s interesting to think how the subject matter he choses; classical musicians from the area, shocking photos of the effects of suburban sprawl on the valley, are not necessarily the most popular or talked about elements of culture in those valley towns. Looking at the photos it makes me think almost as if you have to distort or step outside of the de-facto norm to appreciate the beauty of the area.

They are beautiful and wonderful and a striking contrast to the feeling of actually being there. I can totally appreciate Adrian’s eye and skill to create a beauty out of something that in my mind’s eye is quite ugly. Kudos.

More of Adrian’s photos can be found on his myspace page. (warning: turn down your volume there is a song embedded in the background but the photos are worth it.)