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Popped Culture: What’s Inside The Ears Of Batman’s Cowl?

Amazing Online History Education

This series proves that history education doesn’t have to be dry and inapplicable to modern life. Damn entertaining too.

The Truth Behind Dr. Suess Books

Batman in the Style of Dr. Seuss

(via Laughing Squid)

8 year old me would be giddy at seeing these. (In fact still am now!! :D)

ikea hadron collider instructions

Hi Operator

Closure after 20 years

Super Punch: Henry Rollins Tattoo Whiteboard

Calendar Girl – Neil Sedaka

Visible Tom Waits

Dr. Seuss does Star Wars

Blackberry Support

This is nearly flawless. I love the double meaning of having this performed by elderly comics. I wonder if they understand completely what they are saying, on the other hand perhaps they are just proving how ridiculous us techsperts sound when we spout off about technology.