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Going up, Going down NYC

vertical living. from kim gee on Vimeo.

My friend Kim put together this dizzying but fun video of NYC life told through her feet and stairs. I’ve been thinking recently about life as a New Yorker with all the summer visitors and what I can say is that Kim you are not alone, the amount of stairs in our life is astounding and fascinating.



Christopher Stelling just made me aware of this project, an animation collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. While preproduction started in the 40’s it wasn’t completed until 2003. view the trailer here.

I never completely understood the philosophy that computer animation necessarily supplants
traditional cell animation. To be sure, I don’t want to explode the argument that one is superior to the other. I enjoy both Pixar stuffs and traditional cell animation. It reminds me of the whole Kindle versus books debate, annoyingly out of proportion with dumb arguments on both sides. It’s a shame that Disney gave up on the cell animation.

The Dangers of Coffee

O.K. I know this was on Digg, which means it’s definitely made the rounds but it’s so damn catchy it’s just playing over and over in my head. Sort of like a Gogol Bordello mixed with They Might be Giants in french. Amazing Animation. Amazing song. A must see. I love French Pop music.

Family Guy Visits Ground Zero

One of the funniest bits I’ve seen on there in a while.

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My friend Stephanie worked as second AD on this Bjork music video. Definitely very Bjorky and definitely really cool visuals. Supposedly the final project will be released in 3D! article about it:[link] high-res video: [link]

HEMA – online winkelen

link crazy place to buy goods. if that is actually the purpose of this site. 

Evolution of Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane creator of the Family Guy had many incarnations of the humor and characters that eventually led to the Fox TV show. For those familiar with the show its pretty amazing to see the jokes, style and characters develop.

I’m no expert on the history of Family Guy but I’ve seen the Pilot and the earlier shorts involving a character named Larry, his family and talking dog. DevilDucky and their affiliate MilkandCookies has put up a lot of these shorts and its kind of amazing to see how the characters and jokes have evolved.

First there is Seth MacFarlane’s student film “The Life of Larry“:

Next came “Larry and Steve” a short produced for Cartoon Network:

This culminated in the Family Guy pilot which uses a lot of the same jokes and character dynamics: