Approach Subjects Holistically

What Nate is doing:

Nate continues to write, teach group classes and coach one on one in the areas of tech and online identity. His chief asset is his ability to listen. He often takes questions and tries to look at situations holistically. Whether writing about tips for running a business or coaching a client on iMovie the focus is always on the big picture. Finding a balance is important whether building a brand or a business, whether working on a creative project or learning to code.

Venn Diagram of independence

When Nate started his first company Pedestrian Consulting he began to offer free meetups and paid classes under the title Website Bootcamp for Creative Professionals. The material has taken the form of short seminars, 3 hour in-depth classes, spin off 90 minute classes and online training. It’s now being adapted into a full-length comic book. The popularity of the material can be traced to it’s unique approach to website building. It teaches HTML but isn’t an HTML class. It teaches server basics but isn’t a server management class. Nate takes the longview when it comes to technology. What do people need to know and what do they not need to know when building a website? The answer is a little bit of a lot of things.

Here are some thoughts on particular topics important to me and my mission:

Happiness • Holistic • Communication • Education • Technology

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