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Communication is the key

What Nate is doing:

Whether teaching in a lecture format, leading an hands on class or writing an article or book Nate is dedicated to untangling the mysteries of technology and business. Nate was never formally trained in either. He has a degree in film making. Yet he’s become a master teacher, written a comic on web basics and become a contributing writer for an online magazine. Nate has spoken on topics such as happiness, crowdfunding, blogging and websites, business.

We live in a complicated world. The complexity grows by day. Whereas previous generations could more easily divide their lives into boxes, the Internet has lead to a mixing of work and play we call the great blur. There’s not neat little compartments for jobs and leisure. Most people nowadays switch careers multiple times throughout their life. Things get so muddled and confusing that we need an expert to sort it all out. But how do we know what they’re saying when to be so specialized they’re speaking a totally different language? The key is communication. We may not all be technical experts but we’ll need to learn a little tech. We may not all be captains of industry but we need to learn a little business. The problem with specialization is that it can lead to ivory towers of isolated learning. It’s up to us to bridge those gaps and network our learning.

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