Hello. I’m Nate Cooper

I’m a writer, teacher and entrepreneur.

I believe the world we live in is complicated but the more we’re able to connect with each other on a human-level the closer we’ll get to improving and simplifying life. I think education is complicated and in need of reform so I started Simple Labs (formerly Pedestrian Consulting). We teach, write and build projects at the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology and creativity.

Here are some thoughts on particular topics important to me and my mission:
Happiness • Holistic • Communication • Education • Technology • Rock the Boat


Here are some places my name has appeared in popular publications:

Happstr Nate Cooper Pando Daily

I Believe in Life-long Learning

I believe in the concepts of networked and curated learning. These days we suffer from information overload. There are so many resources available at such wildly varied prices that it’s very difficult to tell what’s the best resource for learning a new skill. There is no one right way. Everyone learns differently whether from books, videos and chats online or in a traditional classrooms. I try to bring the most valuable and economical solutions to students in a holistic way. I teach students not only how to do things but also the tools to teach themselves. The classroom is the beginning of learning. As a teacher, It’s my job to make learning exciting so students will want to learn on their own. I write, teach in groups and one on one because I believe education is life-long. Staying on top of relevant skills and experiences is the key to unlocking job satisfaction and lasting happiness.

Places I’ve Worked (or still do)

Check out some of my current clients and some former ones as well. If you’d like to do business or chat contact me or check out my business site Simple Labs.

5 Years: Event Marketing and Workshops

Apple Inc 5 Years: Event Marketing and Workshops

General Assembly Nate Cooper WordPress

General Assembly WordPress, Web Dev Instructor since 2011

SVA Nate Cooper

School of Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty Computer Arts Dept

Simple Labs Nate Cooper founder

Founder, Simple Labs Training and Tech Consultancy

Mashable logo

Writer Mashable since 2012

Former clients include:

  • NBC Universal
  • Time Inc
  • Skillshare
  • Gap Inc


“This is a fantastic introduction to web-site building. Nate has really great analogies that make it much easier to understand how everything works and works together. I whole heartedly recommend taking this class.”

“Nate was an amazing teacher. I really enjoyed hearing his about trajectory and learning about social enterprise. The class was very interactive and it was great getting to meet the other participants who were all entrepreneurial-minded. ”

“I really enjoyed this class. It was very quaint and allowed for great conversation amongst the attendees as well as the instructor (Nate). In addition, Nate was very informative. He provided a wealth of information regarding the subject, tools etc. I wish the class was longer. Looking forward to attending another one of Nate’s classes soon. Thank you!”

“Nate was pretty awesome. I pke to think of myself as a seasoned web dabbler and Nate showed me a thing or two to make my pfe a whole lot easier. He’s down to earth, speaks in a common vernacular, has fun presentation spdes, and makes the subject matter easy to learn. Time well spent. Thnx Nate!”

“The class was very good for me as a beginner in WordPress. Nate explained everything in details and made it all perfectly clear. I definitely recommend this class to those who need to understand the basics of WordPress.”

“If you like boring classes, lame teachers and throwing your money down the drain, do not take Nate’s class. He is an engaging and enthusiastic teacher and this class exceeded all my expectations. He answers every question, explains things thoroughly and clearly, and makes technology feel totally do-able and fun. Thanks Nate!”

“Nate’s awesome! He made everything SO easy to understand. Great class and super informative. Looking forward to taking another one.”

“Great teacher. The class had various levels of understanding of the topic and everyone left with a lot more knowledge than they came with. Well worth it.”

 “Nate’s session was eye-opening and thorough. It helped me to better focus efforts where needed on social media networks. I look forward to future classes taught.”

“Nate is a great guy. Knowledgeable and approachable which are great attributes in an instructor. You will not waste your time taking a class with him. ”

“Nate was very helpful – no question was “dumb” and he followed up with a pst of suggested resources. I used to think of handpng WordPress as a big chore, but now I’m actually looking forward to updating my blog layout.”

“Nate was extremely patient and answered all of our questions in a clear manner. I am very happy I took this class!”

“Very knowledgeable about subject matter and clear presentation. Thanks!”


“Good information! Great to get the whole picture view to see how all the technology fits together. And, since Nate is a “connector”, it might even be worth attending just for that alone.”

“Nate is a really knowledgeable teacher (particularly in WordPress) and gives a fun, easy to follow intro to some complex topics. I really endorse Nate.”

“Great base start to building a site. Go from ground zero of not knowing what ‘HTML’ stands for … to walking out having learned the basics. Worthwhile investment of time & $!”

“Nate is a natural speaker, and he is also one of those teachers that leaves lots of room for questions and discussion, which ensures that each student takes away some personapzed piece of information. His class is a great start for entrepreneurs looking to understand how, where and why to look for a technical co-founder.”

“This was a very informative and good class. Lot of technical stuff also but Nate explained it in a way that even a designer can understand it. Very useful information and lots of good resources. All the questions I had got answered. I’m excited to use the knowledge I learned in this class.”

“Great class and great instructor! Nate served up a huge dish of information and in a concise and clear serving. I am looking forward to taking more classes taught by Nate.”

“Nate is very user friendly. By that I mean open to questions at all times. He also asks what you would pke out of the class which helps ensure that all or most needs are met. Very personable. I highly recommend this class to anyone who needs to create a blog or web site. ”

“Nate gave a fantastic outpne of the common basic problems early businesses run into and how to solve these challenges. I’ve been out of school for 2 years and REALLY wish I had taken a course pke this while still in college. Excellent Job!”

“Highly recommend this course. Nate explains website creation in an easily digestible format. Would recommend and have already recommended this to friends. Worth the money.”

“Nate answered all my questions and created a positive community of learners!”

“Wonderful presentation. Hyper-organized and articulate. Answers questions fully. Highly endorse Nate and his Bootcamp class.”

“Very knowledgeable and explains concepts well”

“Great class! I definitely feel better about diving into my WordPress blog. Learned some very constructive tools and received a great follow-up doc so that I didn’t have to rely on my memory.”

“Nate is great! I’ve hired him to help me with my site!”

“Awesome class! Nate goes over several different social media platforms and explained everything really well. He also took the time to answer any questions throughout the class.”

“This class was very informative, even though it’s described as an introductory level, it provided a lot of in depth information. I left the class motivated and ready to start building my website with Word Press. ”

“The new 2-part series is da’ bomb! Plus the in-class test drive of WordPress is priceless! A great format for learning website building that “sticks” with you. Strongly recommend his class.”

“Fantastic session … great balance of structured materials and group discussion.”

“Nate is a terrific teacher, with loads of information to expand your skills. He is a multi-faceted fountain of info, actually. As the second class I’ve taken with him, I am very glad I found him. Thank you!”

“Nate is a terrific teacher! He knows his stuff. I would take another course by him with great confidence.”

“This is the second class I attended of Nate’s. I am again satisfeid with what I can learn in an hour and a half . I always leave with clarification, and empowerment. He makes computer usage easy to understand and fun! ”

“Left many steps ahead after Nate’s class in WordPress.com vs. org. Great presentation, and very good skills at imparting knowledge. Prepared, interested in everyone’s questions and specific situations, just a great class. Thanks!”

“Nate is an excellent teacher. I walked away with so much and a desire to learn more. I now feel confident that I can start using WordPress. He was patient and open to questions. I highly recommend any class that Nate is giving.”

“Great class and excellent teacher. Well thought out and explained. I’m glad I took this class.”

“Nate was clear and concise. Organized. He made the topic fun and exciting. I was left with a better understanding of the workings of WordPress. I felt empowered to further develop my present website and create more webistes. I definitely would recommend his class to anyone with pttle or no knowledge of WordPress. You’ll leave with a foundation and roadmap to get going!”

“Nate packed a lot of information into a very well-paced 45 minutes. He was clear, concise and left time for questions at the end. And he didn’t try to pretend he knows everything about everything so if there was a more complex or off-topic query, he would give web resources that might help the person. Great session!”

“Nate was great! He was friendly, informative and had answers to everyone’s questions. ”

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