• LAUNCH: Building a Better Website.

    “Dear designer, I fell asleep waiting for your online portfolio to load and your About Us page is broken, but I’d like to go ahead and hire you anyway,” said no client ever.

    Think of a designer’s website as the gateway drug for potential clients. It should lure them in, get them excited and leave them wanting more. An interior designer’s website should be both visually captivating and easy to navigate. The good news is that there’s no need to be Mark Zuckerberg to make this happen.

    Looking to build a new website or refresh an existing one? Tech guru Nate Cooper will introduce designers to the various content management systems available, outline what’s popular in website design, walk through best practices, and show designers how to set up and maintain a website using WordPress.

    First impressions are everything. Don’t let a website be the dealbreaker.


    • February 2013
    • Client: Editor at Large
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